…but I don’t wanna.

Work has come to somewhat of a stop these past few weeks.

We were very relieved to have finished the downstairs by our goal date of December 31, and we have been a bit apprehensive to start working upstairs in earnest, given that the bulk of the work will involve patching up and sanding the ceiling and walls (the walls may look painted, but the moron we hired two years ago to mud, sand, and paint did an abysmal job), which will make a huge mess. We had a few boxes of laminate left over and Jared laid flooring down behind the walls, which will one day soon be turned into built ins. I have looked high and low for built-in ideas for an attic area with a slanted roof, and have found and saved a few ideas to Pinterest, but I’m still looking for ideas, mostly for our new desk area. I also thought that we should move our bed around, which means that the area where the desk is at now will turn into a new storage area, and we need to figure out where to put the desk. Any comments or suggestions after browsing my pics below would be most welcome–be sure to hover over the images to read the captions for more details.

After the master is finally done, we’ll still have five rather major projects to do:

  • Downstairs bathroom. Gut everything including the subfloor to make sure there’s no rot (which more than likely there will be, since the rest of the house had major rot damage, and also because it’s the bathroom—there’s bound to be an issue either way. Sigh.), replace all fixtures, add flooring, wall tile, and storage.
  • Upstairs bathroom. The room is plumbed and the walls have been framed, drywalled, mudded, sanded, and painted. We’ll need to finish designing the shower enclosure, tile the floors and walls, and add plumbing fixtures.
  • Exterior (supporting) walls. Some of the walls holding up the house are still sagging. Jared jacked up some parts when we worked on the subfloor a few years ago, but there are still portions of the house that need lifting.
  • Walkways. The beams around the exterior of the house need to be replaced in some parts and reinforced in others. We also want to extend one of the side walkways out by about six inches for better access. Some of the decking is rotted as well and needs replacing, but we will replace everything so it’s all new decking and not patchwork-like.
  • Add missing stringers. In order to be able to finance, should someone be interested in buying our home, we need to have a set amount of stringers installed. Portland City Code says stringers must be “not more than 4 feet on center.” At the moment, we are missing a handful of stringers. We’ll most likely have most of the work done from the inside of the house, so we’ll tear up the free floor we got from a neighbor and replace it with a nicer laminate once the new stringers are in place.

It’s a lot of work and it will take a lot of money, which means it will be a slow process to get the house done.

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