Stepping off.

I thought I’d first start with how this all came to be and how I ended up in a floating home. I used to work for a particular organization in Oregon. My strong character and organizational skills completely clashed with my then-new boss’ low self-esteem and general lackadaisical attitude toward anything that involved work, and so things started going downhill for me very quickly. After 13 years of having to deal with dysfunctional people (the sad excuse for a boss wasn’t the only whackadoodle at this place), I am now working at a law firm and am treated like a very appreciated employee.

While I was in-between jobs, Jared and I decided to put our house up for sale so we could downsize to something smaller, and hopefully have little or no monthly mortgage to pay. We put the house on the market, and once we were fairly certain that our house would be closing soon, I started looking around for cheap houses and condos. One of the homes I found a few weeks into my search was an A-frame floating home. I showed it to Jared, who insisted we should take a look, and so we did. Well, we saw, we made an offer, and the offer was accepted. We closed on the floating home while we were on vacation at my sister’s in Miami after a ridiculously long wait on the property management company’s part regarding our rental application (while we may have paid cash for this home, we would have to pay monthly rent on the slip that the home was in). So now we live in a floating home, with a cat we adopted from our next-door neighbors, and this is where I share my stories of the adventures (and misadventures) of owning a floating home.

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Solange (and Jared)

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