It’s Flip Flop Weather

Summertime in Portland, especially if you live on the water, usually means walking around in flip flops.

You wear a hoodie (with shorts, of course) in the morning when it’s a tad chilly, strip down to a tee or tank when it starts getting warmer, and wear the ensemble with flip flops. Some of my neighbors don’t even bother wearing shoes down in the moorage. I tend do at least wear flip flops (or chancletas, as they say in Puerto Rico). The one problem with wearing flip flops all summer long down here is that they, along with my feet, get dirty rather quickly. So what to do? You wash them.

cleaned flip flops

There are a few ways to clean your flip flops.

  • Using the gentle cycle, stick them in the washing machine in a pillowcase or reusable mesh produce bag.
  • Use a scrub brush with a pail of warm soapy water (I use just a little dish soap).
  • Stinky flops? Wet them in warm water, sprinkle baking soda over them, and scrub them after about five minutes.

You may have read articles saying that you should NEVER wear flip flops for a variety of reasons, from lack of sophistication, to the germ and disease issue. All of my flip flops are from Old Navy, and I don’t usually pay more than $2.50 for them—they may not be classy, but I don’t need to look or feel classy down by the water. Plus, they’re comfy and last a very long time. As for the germ and disease thing—not to denounce scientific studies or anything, but if you wash your flip flops regularly, you can avoid getting whatever it is those articles are trying to scare you with.

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