Portland Summer Day

Yesterday was a lazy Saturday, partly because it looked like what a typical Portland summer day used to be like before the intense summer heat trend began a few years back.

It was the kind of day where you get out of bed later than usual, have some breakfast, and then crawl back into bed to finish your latest issue of Entertainment Weekly. Don’t get me wrong—there is definitely plenty to do around the house, but nothing that can wait until next weekend. Fine—I will fold that mid-sized mountain of tee shirts…but then that’s it for me today.

Come downstairs, glance outside. Looks like it’ll be an old-school kind of Portland summer day—rain, wind, sun, repeat. I can deal with that. I’ll just play on the computer (fine—I will also load the dishwasher and clean the kitchen, but that’s it for me today) while Jared continues sanding in between rainy spells the bed we bought from our neighbors.

Floating home wincow

Even the cat is mostly hanging out inside rather than doing her usual annoying in-and-out thing. Between the rain and Jared’s noisy sanding, she doesn’t mind hanging out inside with the door shut to keep the noise away.

cat on stairs

We finally got our butts out of the house and drove up to Home Depot to get some conditioner and stain for the bed frame once it’s all sanded.


That was our Saturday. How was yours?

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