Choosing New Stairs Isn’t Easy

There’s nothing grand about this staircase.

When we first looked at our future floating home, the stairs were probably its most unique feature. It was definitely the most dangerous spiral staircase I’d ever seen—definitely not up to code. We’d soon find out, once teardown began, that most of the house was not up to code.


We lived with these stairs for a while, including the “window” right next to it, which we realized was actually two sliding glass doors butted up against each other. I can totally picture some past owner, replacing the sliders upstairs, thinking: “Hey–I need more light downstairs. I should cut a big ol’ hole in the wall and stick these puppies in, and Presto—light!”

Before we got the new stairs, though, Jared had to reinforce the floor by removing any rotten wood (more on that rotten story to follow), since based on prior experience, a good 65% of the floor joists were rotten or completely deteriorated and had to be replaced.  And whad’ya know? We were right.

I shopped around for a new set of stairs for a very long time, and finally narrowed it down to a special order from Lowe’s. After tearing down the old stairs and doing a bit of prep work, Jared started installing the new stairs.

It took about two days to install, not counting teardown of the old stairs and reinforcing the floor. While we do have to tighten things here and there every once in a while, we are happy with these stairs; their size and layout fit the space well, and they complement the space. Plus, we lucked out at IKEA when we found the perfect storage piece which we added casters to. The piece rolls right under one of the stair steps (yep, I measured before I bought it).

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