Windy Weather

“Boy, it’s windy out there.”

That’s what my father said after stepping out of our house in Miami in the middle of Hurricane Andrew. Meanwhile, my sister, who was huddled with her family in one of the interior hallways, was screaming for him to get back in the house. Only my father would think to do something like that—after all, one of the largest hurricanes in Florida history wasn’t a big deal to him–he’d been caught in a hurricane while sailing at least once before, and almost lost one ear during that storm.

Why am I bringing up windy situations? Well, that’s the topic of this post. Windy weather is possibly the one thing I strongly dislike about living in a floating home. Very windy conditions were predicted earlier this week. Thankfully, the wind started early morning and wasn’t nearly as bad as originally predicted. However, we have had very windy weather in the past, and have lost a kayak, which was thankfully pulled out of the water by a neighbor, and the lid to one of our deck boxes was torn off and landed in another neighbor’s deck.

It’s not an irrational fear, really. I’ve seen what wind can do.

One windy evening about a year ago, Jared and I were in the living room, when we heard a loud metal clang. Turns out one of the arms attached to our next-door neighbors’ house had broken off, and that corner of their house had started drifting away from the dock. Jared and Alec, one of the owners, jerry-rigged a temporary attachment to the dock with Jared’s come-along, while I tried to keep the house from drifting away any further by holding on to a rope tied to the house. So there. It COULD happen.

One of these days we’ll have better attachments to the dock between the house and the floating deck; in the meantime, I’ll keep worrying and have Jared check all of the connections to the house whenever we anticipate windy conditions.

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  1. I could see and both hear (heavy French accent) your dad commenting on the wind during Andrew. I also remembered our sliding glass doors popping out and John quickly taking pictures off the wall and extracting the wires to jerry rig the doors back on so they were secure. I also have heightened fear of wind after living and trying to sleep thru Andrew. Anytime that I think of your dad, I smile and just think about what a rare and unique character he was. So glad I had the good fortune to spend time and hear his stories.

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