Good-Bye, Garage.

Jared’s Work Shed

We bought this gigantic floating deck from a neighbor and needed to find a work shed in which to store stuff and a place for Jared’s future workshop.

Good-bye, old tiny deck.

Good-bye, old tiny deck.


Hello, big deck.

Hello, big deck.

We picked up an inexpensive shed at Home Depot in June 2013. It all came in one enormous pallet, and we ended up doing three trips up and down the ramps carrying the contents of said pallet. We got a nice workout that day.

shed pieces

All in all it took three entire days to build, and we are very pleased with the outcome.



When Jared needs more room to work, or when it’s rainy, he just sets up his pop-up tent. shed with tent

before move

Before the move.

We’ve since flipped our floating deck around since I thought it would look better, and to keep the southern winds from hitting the door and getting the floor wet every time it rained.

Now the floor stays dry whenever it rains, and we don’t have the afternoon sun in our faces when we eat outside during warm weather.

after move

After the move.


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